Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sweet Khoya Paratha


  1. Wheat/ Mix Grain Flour - 250/300 gms
  2. Khoya - 250 gms
  3. Elaichi - 4 (Powdered)
  4. Sugar (To Taste)

  1. Knead the Flour and keep aside for half an hour
  2. Take a pan and roast the Khoya till it leaves the Ghee and turns golden brown
  3. Drain all the Ghee and use it for cooking the Paratha
  4. Take a bowl and mix Khoya, Elaichi and Sugar
  5. Take a small ball (1.5" diameter) of the Flour and roll it into a small roti
  6. Spoon in about 50 gms of Khoya mixture on the center of the roti
  7. Seal it and make a ball
  8. Roll out the Paratha and put it on the Non-stick Pan
  9. Turn it when half done from one side
  10. Apply Ghee (Optional if the Paratha is releasing Ghee of its own while cooking) to the upturned side and turn it again when the other side is half done
  11. Apply Ghee (Optional) on the upturned side again and fry till golden brown
  12. Serve hot or pack it up in the lunch box

NOTE: If using the Khoya used for making Gulab Jamuns available at the local dairy, then it can be used without roasting since the Ghee has already been drained from it.

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